Our 7 Day Vegan Challenge!

So we are attending the Viva Vegan Festival on Saturday 16th September and we are also applying for vegan certification for our Shea Island Products. All of this got me thinking about what the benefits of being vegan and the big questions that everyone asks, “what do vegans eat?”

Myself and Jamie decided to sign up for the Plate up for the planet 7 day challenge to answer these questions for ourselves! And here is how we got on!

Day 1:
After doing some very brief reading up on veganism we thought this would be a piece of cake (dairy free cake obviously!)
We were both late leaving the house so thought we would grab something on our way into work…..after confiscating a fuslie cereal bar as it contained honey I realised that “grabbing” something from our the tesco local was not going to be easy.

Lunchtime was another hurdle as everything I picked up contained dairy of some sort. I ended up having some fruit and a trek bar washed down with a soya latte.

Monday night was shopping night I suggest that you do this before going starting your day 7 Plate up for the planet! Again this was possibly my longest shop ever as I had to take the time to read the labels to ensure that the foods were vegan friendly.
I will definitely be taking more time to check the labels on foods before buying in the future! I couldn’t believe how much “stuff” (I say stuff as I had no idea what half the ingredients was!)

Monday’s dinner was sweet potato spinach and lentil Dahl which was so tasty. Bring on day 2!!

Days 2-4

Breakfasts we mostly toast with vegan butter from Sainsbury’s free from range. Nush yoghurts with berries and cereals, which is roughly the same as our usual breakfasts.
Lunchtime still proved a bit more difficult. With limited time and limited choice at the local cafes, supermarkets and shops. After day 3 we took the sensible option and started to make our own lunches which included vegan cheese salad sandwiches and falafel wraps. Jamie who eats meat around 3 times a week has not yet missed meat at all!

Days 5-6

I have stopped missing skimmed milk in my tea and have got used to the taste of almond milk instead. I have also started doing more research into the benefits of the vegan and how it can help to combat climate change and protect our natural world.

I have really enjoyed our evening meals especially the mushroom risotto and mushroom burgers with sweet potato and tofu stir fry!

Day 7!

We made it! We completed our plate up for the planet 7 day challenge!

I am so pleased that we decided to sign up for this as it has opened my eyes to the effects that animal produce is having on the environment. Although I have been a pescatarian since childhood (I have just never liked meat) I have realised just how many foods contain animal products.
I feel that over the years the choice for those who follow a vegetarian diet has widened dramatically as there is now almost always a vegetarian option on menus etc. However I did find that there is still work to be done in terms of the variety and availability of vegan foods. However I am sure those of you who have followed a vegan diet for a many years have seen a vast improvement.

Although I can not yet say that I will continue to follow a fully vegan diet I can safely say that I will continue to check my food labels and consume less dairy products. I will also continue to try and experiment with more vegan recipes!

You can sign up for the challenge here https://www.vegansociety.com/get-involved/campaigns/plate-planet

Thank you for reading our blog and give it a go! We would love to hear from you if you do 🙂

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